Wolf asset for game!

Dark or Sweet – Game development!

MimiRun – Game Development!

Alone from Saint Seiya!

Zombie Mimi – Illustration!

Game Asset – Zombie Animation!

Frog – Game Concept!

Sloth 3D – Modeling, rigging and animation.

Game asset – Farmer Animation!

Cow – Model, Texture, Rigging and Animation!

Opossum – Concept, modeling, texturing, render, hair

Batatito – Rig and Animation!

Bear Animation

Bottle – Shatter and Animation

Grabbing the house!

Character Rigging and Animation!

FangFace – Modeling

Project Manager v2

Tentacle Rig!

OMAM – Animation and particles

Bis – Modeling, texturing, animation, render, fx

Robot Rig!

Short film – Concepts

Cow Rig – Softimage ICE

Rigging Tools – Softimage

Wolf Rig!

Short – Ginger General!


Animation – 11 second club Jun/11

Animation – 11 second club May/11