Rigging Tools – Softimage

This is a set of tools developed in Python to help rigging basic characters on Softimage!
Up to now, it is divided in 3 groups:

1) BODY RIG: A basic rig is created after positioning the shadow rig nulls. It includes, IK/FK and stretch arms, legs and spine. Afterwards, you’ll need to refine the envelope manually.

2) AUTO SHAPE CONTROLS: Creates automatically all shape controls and organizes it on your screen. You just have to choose an .obj with the shape. Right and Left shapes are automatically created through weightmap creation on ICE according to the size of the head.

3) DORITOS: Doritos controls are created automatically by creating a cluster of all points where you’d like to have a control. Afterwards, you’ll need to refine the envelope manually.

Feel free to send me some suggestions to improve this tool!
Thanks for watching!

Rigging Tools Prototype! from Mike Ogawa on Vimeo.

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