Short – Ginger General!

This is a short movie called Ginger General! All text are in Portuguese, but there are no voices! So it might be easy to understand!
Feel free to post me some comments and suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Short – Ginger General!

  1. Hi, I just saw general Ginger. Looks great!! how many frames per second did you composed it? or render it? or animated it?
    Congratulations! I am too a softimage user!

    • Hi Pierre! Thanks for your visit here!! =D
      Actually it is a regular 24fps and I animated pose by pose… It is 24fps because there are some parts that I needed some more poses to make it smooth but still stepped… on a 12fps didn’t look the way I thought…
      Yeah! Softimage still working good… But I only use it on old projects… Probably heading to its last breath, heheh…
      Do you still use it often?
      Thanks again!

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